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The service is provided by Gmail. However, the maibox capacity is unlimited.
The service can be provided in many languages and also includes the following features: calendar, creating documents and editing them, chat interface and many more.

The Address will be of the following format:, where username's format is composed of privateName.FamilyName.

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  • All registered students are eligible for a HUJImail account.
    alert Students are required to read their mail in HUJImail as all formal messages from the University's offices will be sent by e-mail only to this address.

    • Ein Kerem graduate and post-graduate students are eligible to an additional account in EKMD - more info

  • University's Alumni are eligible to a HUJImail account for life (The site will include advertisements). Registration and opening an account in the Alumni site.

  • Retired administrative staff are eligible for a HUJImail account - Instructions

  • Academic staff are eligible for a HUJImail account - Account opening site

Availability of HUJImail services
The services available in the Google framework will depend on the developments at Google. There are still some services which are available only in the English interface. Personal web pages are not included in the HUJImail service.

Opening an Account

  • Students - Email accounts will be created automatically for all registered students:

    • You will find your username and password in your students’ payment book and in the Students’ Personal Information on the University’s site (, or through your current Email address.
    • Overseas students and other students who do not receive a payment book will receive the account information in the Students’ Personal Information on the University’s site or through their current Email address.

  • Alumni - Can open an account through the Alumni site

  • Academic Staff and retired academic and administrative staff can open an account through
  • our site. For details click here.


Login to the Account

  • To access your mailbox go to the site:

  • On your first login you will need to replace your primary password with a new one and you will be asked to answer a verification question. The answer you provide will be needed in case you forget your password, therefore make sure you remember it.

  • Students - HUJImail accounts will be closed if students terminate their studies prior to their degree completion.

  • Academic staff - HUJImail accounts will be closed after 3 years if their appointment is terminated prior to retirement.

  • Retired staff & Alumni - University's Alumni and retired staff will retain their HUJImail account for life

  • Accounts will be suspended in case of abuse or exploitation according to Google’s policy or university regulations (such as spreading Spam).

  • Usernames are generated automatically and are based on the full English name.

  • Format: FirstName.FamilyName

  • Format for complex names (more than one First/Family name)

  • If a username is already in use, digits will be added to it.

  • If your username is incorrect due to a mistake in the university’s records or due to a change of name, you may use the following form to apply for an update. Please note that your new username will be based on the name you type in the form. You will receive a reply to your Email with instructions for forwarding your mail from the old address to the new one.

Username update form


  • Unlimited storage space.
  • Offers uploading files directly from huji-mail interface.
  • Offers synchronizing available for Windows, Mac, tablet computers and smartrphones (similar to Dropbox).
  • Files transferred via synchronizing application have previous versions saved on the cloud.
  • Self-management file sharing on different levels.
  • Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides constitute a free, web-based office suite offered by Google and integrated with Google Drive. It allows users to create and edit documents online while collaborating in real-time with other users.


Forgot Password

  • You can reset your password in our site.

  • Login with your ID number and personal code and type the verification answer that you chose on your first login.

  • If you fail to obtain a new password through this site:

    • Students: Go in person with an ID card to one of the Students’ computer centers or support centers.

    • Alumni: Contact the alumni department.


Change Password

You can reach the Change password site through 2 different links:

  • From our site.
  • From your inbox - click on:
    Settings-->Accounts->Change password

Question: I forgot my HUJImail password
: You can reset it through our site. If you didn't manage -

  • Students should go in person with an ID card to one of the Students’ computer centers,
  • Alumni should contact the alumni department.

Question: My username is incorrect due to a mistake in my name
: Use the following form to apply for an update

Question: I received a message telling me that my account is about to expire. How can I transfer my e-mails to a new address?
: Click on the following link to see instruction on how to trasfer your your contacts and new and old messages:

Question: I've set my mail client to work with HUJImail but I get an authentication error.
Answer: Follow our troubleshooting

Question: I made some changes in the Preferences, but they were not applied.
Answer: After every change you make in the Preferences, you should scroll down to the bottom of the page and click: Save changes.

Question: I got an error while trying to login to my account via Gmail’s login page:
Answer: You can login only through our login site:

Question: I accidentally deleted a message. Can I recover it?
Answer: Look for the message in the Trash. If it has been deleted from there as well then nothing can be done. Google’s recommendation is never to delete messages.

Google Support

Your HUJImail mail boxes are in fact Gmail mailboxes that reside on Google’s servers. Use the following
Support link:

Note: each time you come across the expression:  in the Google help site – replace it with:

Support in the University

Academic staff
Please contact the support center:

  • 02-6585555

  • 02-5883450
  • Students
    You may submit general questions regarding HUJImail service to the following form.


    Last updated: 23/07/2015