Working with multiple Gmail accounts



Option 1 - Use two different browsers

  • In order to work with two separate e-mail accounts, simply open each account in a different browser.

  • Note: Opening different accounts in separate windows of the same browser will not work.
    For example - if you are using Internet Explorer with Gmail account A, and wish to open Gmail account B simultaneously, you must open B in a different browser, such as Firefox or Chrome (or any browser other than Internet Explorer).

Option 2 - Enabling and using Multi sign-in

Step 1
  • Login to your HUJImail account.

  • Locate your e-mail address at the top right corner.

Step 2


  • Click on the address and then click Add account.

Step 3
  • A new tab (or window) will pop up, where you will be asked to enter the username and password of the additional email account you wish to open.
  • After entering the aforementioned information, click on Sign in to open the additional account.


Last updated: 14/08/2012