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Forwarding mail before closer - HUJImail

Forwarding new messages to a new e-mail address

Notifiy the sender using Automated-Reply

  • In order to set an automated-reply notification regarding the change of your address, use the instructions bellow:
  • Login to your HUJImail account.
  • Click on the link Settings, scroll down until you see the header: Vacation responder
  • Mark the option : Vacation responder on
  • Write a message informing the receiver that this e-mail address is not active. Add your new e-mail address.

Transfering old e-mails to your PC or to the new e-mail address

1) Setting a mailbox on the computer

  • You'll need to set HUJImail in your local e-mail software.
  • If you wish also to transfer your e-mails to a regular Gmail account, you can use one of the following software: Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird.
  • Use the following manuals in order to set the account using iMAP:

2) Transfering e-mails to a different account

  • Set the new e-mail account in the same e-mail client you used for your IMAP HUJImail.
  • Create new local directories and copy the required e-mails manually.


Transfering your contacts

  • Login to your HUJImail account.
  • Click on Contacts.
  • Choose Export.
  • Choose the format most suitable for you.
  • Save the file and then import it to your local e-mail client, or to your e-mail web-client.

Last updated: 27/07/2011