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Forward your mail

Forwarding your mail is recommended in case you leave Israel for a long period and you will be having an alternative local mail account for that period. It solves the problem of the slow retrieve of your mail from Israel, and enables to work in a more simple fashion with a single local mail account. Please note that once you set the forward option you will not be able to see your new messages from your HUJI account - only from the mail account you've forwarded your mail to.

The method of forwarding email depends on your mail server.

Choose your mail server:

Mail forwarding - VMS

Mail Forwarding Request
  • In order to set mail forwarding, please send a request to Yehavi Bourvine via email at yehavi@vms.huji.ac.il.


Mail forwarding - CC, AGRI3


Change forward file
  • To change your forward address, go to this webpage.


Mail forwarding - PLUTO


Step 1

Step 2


  • Forward mail to: Type the email address you wish messages will be forwarded to.

Step 3


  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save button.


If you are not sure how to forward your email contact your campus helpdesk for assistance.

Last updated:02/02/2012