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Huji Mail - Q&A

Question: I forgot my HUJImail password
: You can reset it through our site. If you didn't manage -

  • Students should go in person with an ID card to one of the Students’ computer centers,
  • Alumni should contact the alumni department.

Question: My username is incorrect due to a mistake in my name
: Use the following form to apply for an update

Question: I received a message telling me that my account is about to expire. How can I transfer my e-mails to a new address?
: Click on the following link to see instruction on how to trasfer your your contacts and new and old messages: /services/internet/mail/gmail/close-en.shtml

Question: I've set my mail client to work with HUJImail but I get an authentication error.
Answer: Follow our troubleshooting

Question: I made some changes in the Preferences, but they were not applied.
Answer: After every change you make in the Preferences, you should scroll down to the bottom of the page and click: Save changes.

Question: I got an error while trying to login to my account via Gmail’s login page: http://www.gmail.com
Answer: You can login only through our login site: http://mail.huji.ac.il

Question: I accidentally deleted a message. Can I recover it?
Answer: Look for the message in the Trash. If it has been deleted from there as well then nothing can be done. Google’s recommendation is never to delete messages.


Additional support

Google Support

Your HUJImail mail boxes are in fact Gmail mailboxes that reside on Google’s servers. Use the following
Support link: http://mail.google.com/support

Note: each time you come across the expression: username@googlemail.com  in the Google help site – replace it with: username@mail.huji.ac.il

Support in the University

Academic staff
Please contact the support center:

  • 02-6585555

  • 02-5883450
  • Students
    You may submit general questions regarding HUJImail service to the following form.


    Last updated: 26/10/2017