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Troubleshooting - Savion

Select the interface you are using to access Savion:


Change Interface Language  

  • Click the Options button
  • Select Regional Settings from the menu

  • Choose the desired lenguage

  • Click the Save button
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Names Search


  • Create a new message
  • Click To...

  • Insert the desired name and press enter (return)
  • To select a person from the search results dubleclick on his name

  • More recipients can be added using another search

  • When done click OK
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Problem Opening Attachments (IE7)


  • This error appears while trying to open attached files in Internet Explorer 7

  • There are two possible options to resolve this problem:

  • Right click the file using the right mouse botton

  • Select Open in new tab or Open in new window

This option will reset the browser settings, current settings will be lost

  • Select the Tools menu and choose Internet Options
  • Click the Advanced tab

  • Click Reset
  • Click Reset

  • Return to the account and open the file
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Limited Web Interface

Access to Savion using a web browser can be made in two types of interface:

  • Full interface - allows access to all of Savion web features

  • Light interface -this interface includes fewer features. In some cases this interface may be faster

Note: users using a browser other then Internet Explorer can only access the light web interface

  • To change the interface mark or unmark Use Outlook Web Access Light during login

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Login To Savion

  • Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007
    When logging-in to Savion via Microsoft Outlook 2003/2007, a window with 2 lines will appear with User name and Password fields.

Type your username and password in the following format:

  • Microsoft Outlook 2000/2002
    When logging-in to Savion via Microsoft Outlook 2000/2002, a window with 3 lines will appear with User name and Password and Domain fields (not necessarily in this order)

Type your username, domain and password in the following format:

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No Mail Is Received / Calender Not Synchronized

  • To go online click File and unmark Work Offline by clicking it


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Error Appears After Login

  • If this error appears in Outlook after trying to login the profile must be deleted and then redefined
  • Click the Tools menu and select E-mail Accounts
  • Mark View or change existing e-mail accounts

  • Click Next
  • Select the profile by clicking on it's name

  • Click Remove
  • Click yes

  • Click Finish
  • The profile must now be redefined according to the instructions
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Security Alert Appears In Outlook 2007


  • This security alert will appear after defining the account in Outlook 2007

  • When you encounter this alert click Yes

  • To prevent this alert from appearing again the Savion security certificate can be installed

  • Right click the link below and choose Save Link As...


Link: http://ca.huji.ac.il/bf/savion/savion-cert.cer
  • Click Open
  • Click Install Certificate
  • Click Next
  • Choose Place all certificates in the following store and click Browse...
  • Choose Trusted Root Certification Authorities from the list and click OK
  • Click Next
  • Click Finish
  • Click Yes
Click OK
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Send/Receive Error In Outlook 2007

  • This error might appear if you have pressed "No" while a security alert appeared in Outlook

  • Relaunch Outlook and click Yes when the security alert appears

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Last updated: 27/07/2011