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News - 2009

Date Bulletin number Topics
Phishing attack in HUJI
Support during the university's holiday
New remote access methods to HUJI
Email policy in HUJI
Excessive Network Traffic
Central computing services disruptions on PURIM
Service during Pesach


The bulletins were written and distributed by Yehavi Bourvine.



[Hebrew version]

Email policy

We have recently received many complaints regarding mass mailing of messages containing political, commercial, recreational and other non-HUJI-related content.

Computing resources, including e-mail, should be used according to HUJI's policy:


[Hebrew version]

Excessive Network Traffic

HUJI's communication network is available for academic purposes and for administrative purposes directly related to the university's mission.

The Computation Authority conducts periodic checks to locate sources of excessive traffic (which increase network load and costs) . The main sources of such traffic are heavy downloads/uploads of data mostly through the use of software for retrieving or sharing movies, music, TV, etc. Other reasons for heavy traffic are mostly related to security breaches.

Users who produce excessive traffic will receive an e-mail message with instructions and will be required to contact one of our support centers within 10 days. The referral to the support centers is for reducing and preventing recurrence of the excessive traffic. Users who will not contact a support center during the allocated time will have their remote access to HUJI disabled.

More information:

Support centers: 02-6585555, 02-5883450




[Hebrew version]

Central computing services disruptions on PURIM

Due to power outage in Taylor building, Edmond J. Safra Campus on Tuesday, March 10th 2009, all central computing and communication services will be down between: 07:30-08:00 and 13:15-13:45.

The services affected include: Internet connection, eMail, Communication between campuses, connection from home, VPN, wireless, HUJI web sites, ALEPH, Edmond J. Safra network.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.





Service during Pesach

During the coming PESACH vacation (APRIL 08-15) our computing systems and servers will continue to operate. We will monitor and maintain the more critical services, such as:

* Central mail servers
* Campus communication
* Connection from home

Emergency support services will operate from Sunday till Tuesday (12-14/4) between 09:00-14:00. Tel: 02-6585555






[Hebrew version]

New access services to the University network

We are pleased to announce two new access services to the University network: an additional wireless network and a new VPN service for access from external networks.

HUJI-netX - a new wireless network:

HUJI-netX requires authentication (user%ra) and is intended for use by University staff and students.
This connection enables full access to the resources of the University's network.
In order to connect to this network, an initial setup is needed.

For additional information on the availability of the wireless network and for instructions on its use see


SAMBA - a new VPN service:

Following many compatibility and operating problems with Tango-VPN, we have added an alternative service: 

Samba-VPN (Tango-VPN will not be phased-out for the time being) Samba is a VPN service for staff and students and enables access to the University's Internet resources from a remote network.

The service can be accessed in two modes:

  • Samba WebVPN: enables access to restricted sites on the
    University's network and to most databases and
    e-journals of the University's libraries.
  • Samba VPN-client is a program that enables full browsing as well as sending e-mail messages (e.g. from Outlook or Thunderbird).
    For full access to additional services you will need to
    authenticate with a One-Time-Password (OTP) card.

For more information see http://ca.huji.ac.il/vpn

Support centers: 02-6585555, 02-5883450




[Hebrew version]

Phishing attack in HUJI

Phishing is a deception designed to steal your identity. In phishing scams, scam artists try to get you to disclose valuable personal data - like passwords, account data, or other information - by convincing you to provide it under false pretenses.

During the last few days a phishing email message allegedly from the Authority for Computation was distributed in HUJI which threatens to close accounts unless username and password are provided in reply.

If you received such a message - do not reply to it - simply delete it.

If you have responded to such a message - change the passwords you disclosed immediately, otherwise the information you've sent will damage both you personally and our computation services. If you can't do it yourself, contac t our support centers: 6585555, 5883450.

Please remember - we never ask to send passwords through email messages, so if you are requested to do it just ignore the request.


Support during the university's holiday (August 23-31)

Our computing systems and servers will continue to operate. We will
monitor and maintain the more critical services, such as:

  • Central mail servers
  • Campus communication
  • Connection from home

Emergency support services will operate during the vacation, Tel: 02-6585555, according to the following schedule:

23/8 - 09:00-14:00
24/8 - 09:00-14:00
25/8 - 15:00-19:00
26/8 - 09:00-14:00
27/8 - 09:00-14:00
30/8 - 09:00-14:00
31/8 - 14:00-19:00



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