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Wireless Network - troubleshooting




Can't Connect Cetificate error After connecting can't reach sites (V(Vista)


Can't connect

If you've followed the setup instructions [ http://wireless.huji.ac.il] and still you can't connect, try the following:

  1. Make sure the date and time in your computer is accurate

  2. [WINDOWS ONLY] - Make sure you have a password for your Windows' user
    Instruction: /helpdesk/windows/passad.shtml

  3. Remove your current HUJI-netX connection and set it up again:
    Instructions: [Windows 8.1 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Mac OS 10.3-4 / Mac OS 10.5- ]

  4. Change the password of your HUJI connection user (user%ra) in our RAP site. NOTE: the password you change will affect all connections to HUJI - Samba VPN and/or your connection from home (if you connect from home directly to the University as an Internet providor).

Certificate error

Error - When trying to connect you get the following error:

XP error:

Vista error:

Solution - You need to setup the HUJI-netX before connecting, use our guides - http://wireless.huji.ac.il



After connecting can't reach sites (Vista)

Error -After connecting successfully, you can't reach sites with your browser.

Solution - Update Vista to SP2 or change dialer authentication method to EAP-TTLS save and revers back to EAP-PEAP.



Last updated: 26/10/2017