Dealing with viruses


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Service Packs   Download ONLY if your version of Windows does not have one of these service packs already installed.

To determine which version of Windows, and which service pack is currently installed, follow these steps:
1. On the desktop, right click on the My Computer icon.
2. In the pop up menu, click Properties.
3. Under the General tab, look for Windows and SP version (Should be under "System").
Download and save

Download the following files:


Disable the autorun functionality- Windows 7/Windows Vista  

Disconnect your computer from network
  • Physically disconnect your computer from the communication, till the end of the whole process.

Start your computer in Safe-Mode
  • Shut down your computer.
  • Start up the computer and immediately press F8 on your keyboard.
  • Choose the safe mode option
  • Be patient - it may take several minutes for Windows to start

Scan your computer with AVPTool
  • Double click: KVRT.exe
  • Click Run (if a window didn't appear, double click the folder: Virus Removal Tool from your desktop and double click Start)
  • Mark ALL the options and click Scan

Start your system in normal mode
  • Restart your computer

Set a strong password to all computer users

Uninstall File and Printer Sharing After uninstalling you will NOT be able to share files between computers via your network. Also you will not be able to share a printer that is connected localy to one

Installing Service pack - Windows Vista
  • Double click de_en_es_fr_ja_windows_vista_service_pack_1_x86_72327.exe
  • Restart your computer
Install only if your Windows is not updated with Service pack 1

For further help and re-connecting your user, contact the helpdesk 02-5883450, 02-6585555

Last updated: 06/08/14