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Securing Your Computer by Setting a Strong Password

Login Password

Setting a strong password for all user accounts on your computer is crucial. Lack of passwords, or the use of weak passwords, could result in invasion of your computer by spyware, trojans and other malware, subjecting it to manipulation and possibly data theft.

Protect your computer with a strong password according to the following basic guidelines:

  • The password should be changed frequently
  • Do not give over your password to ANYONE
  • Do not write down your password near your computer
  • Do not store your password in a file in the computer
  • Do not share the same password with other accounts on the computer or with other accounts (such as mail account)
  • Password should contain at least 6 characters
  • Password should not be based on a dictionary word, on a reversed word, or on common names
  • Password should contain enough different characters
  • Password should not be too simplistic or systematic
  • Password should not resemble the username, full name or ID number
  • Create strong passwords that you can remember: The easiest way to create a strong password that you won't have to write down is to come up with a sentence (preferably in Hebrew). Use the first letter of each word of the sentence (in English transliteration) and use a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, or special characters that look like letters.


Last updated: 09/08/2016