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SSH - Windows

SSH Secure Shell Client

[Version 3.2.9]


  1. Download SSh Secure Shell Client. You can either download it from our site, or check for updates in the company's site: http://www.ssh.com/support/downloads/secureshellwks/ (Please select the Non-commercial download option).
  2. Double click the installer: SSHSecureShellClient-3.2.9, and follow installation instructions.


  1. Double click the application SSh Secure Shell Client.
  2. Go to File-->Connect
  3. Type your server name under Host Name (or IP address). For example: gene.huji.ac.il
  4. Type your username

  5. Type your password when asked to.
  6. If you were connected successfully, you can go to File-->Save Settings, in order to save the connection settings for future use.


  1. Now that you are connected to the server, you can load the SFTP option as well.
  2. Go to Window-->New File Transfer

  3. A double window of your local computer (Left) and the remote server (right) will be opened and enable you to freely transfer files.


Last updated, 19.11.03