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  1. Download MacSFTP. You can either download it from our site, or check for updates in the company's site: http://pro.wanadoo.fr/chombier/

  2. You will find the file MACSFTPC.SIT on your Hard disk.

  3. If the file did not open automatically, double click it.

  4. A new folder, MacSFTP Classic, will be created. Double click it to open it.

  5. Inside the folder you will find the application itself MacSFTP Classic


  1. Double click the application MacSFTP Classic

  2. Go to the Apple menu --> about MacSFTP

  3. Click the Register button

  4. Enter the text: Jerusalem Hebrew University under the name field:

  5. For the password of the ID field, download the file: macsftp_pass.txt. Copy the registration code, then paste it to the ID filed

  6. Click the OK button.

  7. Click OK

Working with MacSFTP

  1. Connecting:
    1. Go to File-->New Connection

    2. Type the server name you wish to connect to (for example: magritte.ls.huji.ac.il, or gene.huji.ac.il). Type your username and password, as shown below. Click the Connect button.

    3. If connection was successful, a window of your home directory in the server will be opened

  2. Downloading and uploading files:
    Drag and drop files between your computer and the server, as shown below.




Last updated, 9.12.02