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Databases and e-journals in HUJI's libraries

  • Who can use the service?
    All HUJI staff and students can access journals and databases. However, reaching them differs according to the connection method to HUJI's network.

  • Access from campus
    Only HUJI staff and students can access the service from campus computers.

  • Access from home
    Accessing academic databases depends on your Internet provider:

    • Connecting to HUJI - If you are connected directly to HUJI (as an ISP) you will enter libraries as if you were on campus. Direct connection to HUJI is provided to: graduate and postgraduate students, academic staff, and visiting lecturers/scientists. It is also provided to administrative-staff members that receive authorization. A document that describes the eligibility for various computing services is available at: http://ca.huji.ac.il/otp/rights.pdf.
      More information regarding connecting to HUJI from home: http://ca.huji.ac.il/services/internet/connect/home.shtml

    • Connecting via other networks/ISPs - Those who do not connect directly to HUJI from home still have a way to fully browse library databases. Samba VPN enables HUJI users that are connected to other networks or internet providers to enter the databases, as if they reside on campus. The service is open to all students and staff. Click here for more info about Samba VPN.

  • Troubleshooting

Last updated: 29/10/2017