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What is a wireless network?

Wireless Internet connectivity, based on the 802.11g protocol also referred to as 'WiFi' (Wireless Fidelity).

A wireless network enables two or more computers to communicate using standard network protocols, but without network cabling.

Wireless Access Point (WAP) is a device that connects wireless communication devices together to create a wireless network. The WAP usually connects to a wired network, and can relay data between wireless devices and wired devices.

A wireless network can use an access point. In this type of network the access point acts like a hub, providing connectivity for the wireless computers. It can connect the wireless LAN to a wired LAN, allowing wireless computer access to LAN resources, such as file servers or existing Internet Connectivity.



Where can I find an access point ?

The following locations are equipped with access points that enable you to connect to HUJI's wireless network. You can click the images to view full size maps with marked locations:

Ein-Karem Edmond J. Safra Campus Mt. Scopus Rehovot
  • Berman Medical Library
  • Botnar Building
  • Building 2 (Faculty administration), 4th floor
  • Forchheimer Student Center
  • Lecture hall "VAV", 3rd floor
  • Faculty of Dental Mediceine
  • School of Pharmacy - Entrance floor

  • Open spaces: Grass lawn, Magnes


  • Auditorium Wise, Cafeteria
  • Belgium House
  • Belmonte Science Center
  • Berman Bld., Loby
  • Bretter Center
  • Casali Institue, 2nd floor
  • The Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
  • Los Angeles Bld, Chemistry (Entire Bldg. except for the 3rd floor)
  • The Institute of Earth Sciences
  • Feldman bld. Hall A and floor 2
  • France House
  • Aronberg building,Fritz Haber center
  • Harman Science Library: Floors: -1, -1A, 1, 2
  • Levi Bld., Loby
  • Silberman Bld. Life Sciences, 4th floor Loby and cafeteria, 3rd floor, 5th floor classrooms
  • Jewish National Library
  • Mathematics building
  • Students club (neer Sprinzak)
  • Sprinzak building
  • Weissman building, Information Systems
  • Wolffsohn blg., Life Sciences
  • Sherman Administration Bldg.
  • Levin blg, Floor -1
  • Teaching Labs Bldg, Floor 0 lobby, Floor 1 lobby & near meetings Room
  • Kaplan Lecture Hall
  • Alberman Bldg.
  • Popick Bldg. - Vaad Ovdim floor

  • Open spaces: All the grass lawn from Popick Bld. to Science Bld.
  • Archaeology Library
  • Frank Sinatra Blg.- Baraton, Sinatra Cafeteria, Library Authority, Parking floor
  • The Central library
  • The Education and Social Work Library, floors 3,4,5
  • Forum
  • Ginges Students' Computer Center ("HAVOT")
  • Humanities: Gush 1,5,8
  • Law Library, Reading room, The Group Study room, Jewish Law
  • Maiersdorf Faculty Club
  • Faculty of Law
  • Dean of Students
  • Truman Institute
  • Occupational Therapy School, library 2nd floor
  • Rothberg International School
  • Scholion Center
  • The School of Education, 3rd floor.
  • School of Public Policy & Govermment
  • Senate Hall, Sherman Administration Blg.
  • Social Sciences: Full Coverage
  • Reznik Dormitories, Bldg. 15 - Computer class
  • Idelson Dormitories, Bldg. 43

  • Aaronson Blg., Computer classes
  • Ariowitsch Audirorium, Building 701
  • The Ginges Students' Computer Center ("HAVA"), Moscona Bld.
  • Library (Kennedy), floor 2
  • Koret Plaza
  • Reisfeld Guest House
  • Dormitories no. 1, Bldg 760
  • Veterinary Bldg.
  • Shed 6
  • Shed 9
  • Volcani Bldg.

Supported services

HUJI's wireless network is divided into two separated networks (HUJI-guest and HUJI-NetX and in Mt. Scopus dormitories as HUJI-dorms). The available services for each network are shown in the following table:


HUJI-guest/ HUJI-dorms

Staff & Students


Web Browsing

Academic Journals
& Databases

E-mail Services  
Additional Services*   Yes

*Additional Services
Such as: Remote access, Telnet, FTP, etc.


Wireless Support

Last modified: 03/05/2016