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Tango VPN - troubleshooting for Firefox


Note: This service is no longer supported, please switch to samba vpn here.

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Can't Access Tango Site Can't connect to Network Applications General Tshoot - Uninstall Tango

Can't Access Tango Site

Error 404 (Error by the browser)
Clean your computer from Spyware

Cann't Connect to Network Applications


General Download Falied Request has different IP... Google Applications
and such
Java Runtime Errors Personal Firewalls



-Windows only-

You can install the Network Extender driver prior to connecting. Downlod and install from our site:



Download Falied

When you click the Connect button in Network Applications you receive the error: Download failed.


Follow the uninstall procedures and try again



Request has different IP...

After connecting succesfully with Network Applications, you receive the following error:
Request has different IP than original session IP

Disconnect Tango AND your Internet connection - the problem will be solved after reconnecting.
Or disconnect Tango and wait 15 min.


Google Applications
and such

Uninstall bars / Uninstall plug-in

Tango is incompatible with Google Desktop, Google bar, Google Browser Sync and with other bars as well (such as Yahoo bar), Tango will not be able to estblish a connection with Network Application. Instead it will try to connect and eventually you will receive the following error message:


Uninstall the bar from Add Remove Programs or the plugin from Extentions, according to the following steps:

Uninstall bars

Step 1

  • Click Start

  • Click Settings -> Control Panel (if you don't have Settings click Control Panel)

Step 2


  • Double click on Add/Remove programs

Step 3


  • Choose the application you wish to uninstall from the list.

  • Click Remove

  • Restart your computer

Uninstall plug-in

  • Go to Tools-->Extentions or Tools-->Add-ons
  • Choose Google Browser Sync (or any other plug-in which cause the problem)
  • Click Uninstall

Java Runtime Errors

Solution I / Solution II


Solution I

In some cases if Java runtime Envirornment is installed, Trying to connect with Network Applications will not connect or even the browser (both Internet Explorer and Firefox family) will quit.

Uninstall Java Runtime Environment (according to the instructions below), and reinstall it.

Step 1

  • Click Start

  • Click Settings -> Control Panel (if you don't have Settings click Control Panel)

Step 2


  • Double click on Add/Remove programs

Step 3


  • Choose your version of JavaRuntime Environment

  • Click Remove

  • Restart your computer



Solution 2

There is a bug that was reported already but not fixed yet. If the current Windows user has a Hebrew name you will need to create a new English User in your Windows.

Personal Firewalls

Third-party personal firewalls, such as Norton Internet Security, may cause problems in Network Applications connection.

Possible errors:

  • SSL Network Extender is taking too long to connect. Try to connect again.
  • Cannot establish connection to SSL Network Extender gateway. Try to reconnect.


You can open up for full incoming outgoing access the following applications in your firewall:

  • c:\Program Files\CheckPoint\SSL Network Extender\slimsvc.exe
  • c:\Program Files\CheckPoint\SSL Network Extender\vna_utils.exe

If network applications still don't connect - try to use Windows XP's internal firewall instead.

Last updated: 26/10/2017