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Public ports / Dormitories - troubleshooting

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Problems in connecting Problems After connecting


Problems in connecting

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Error 633 Error 678 / 800 Error 691 Error 718 Error 733 Error 734


Error 633

The modem is already in use

You are already connected. Disconnect your other dialer and then try again to connect.

Error 678 / 800

Error 678: The connection could not be completed because the remote computer did not answer

Error 800: Unable to establish the VPN connection

Try the following solutions :
Check the Host Name
Enable your
Local Area Connection
Verify you can reach HUJI server


  • Open your dialer
  • Click Properties
  • Type in Host name: 10.x.0.1
    according to your campus:
    Edmond J. Safra :
    Mt. Scopus:


  • Right click My Network Places (from the desktop or the Start menu)
  • Click Properties
  • If your LAN connection is disable - double click the LAN


Follow our guide:

Error 691

Authentication error

  • Make sure your username is typed in the following format: username%ra

  • Retype your password - make sure you are in English and that caps locks key is not pressed.


Error 718

Time out

The system is busy - try to connect later.

Error 733

Your computer and the remote computer could not agree on PPP control protocols

Windows Vista/7

  • Load your dialer
  • Click: Properties
  • Click Options
  • Click PPP Settings
  • Uncheck: Negotiate multi-link for single link connections

Error 734

The PPP link control protocol was terminated

Windows Vista/7

Check your security settings:

  • Open your dialer
  • Click Properties
  • Click Security
  • Data encryption: Choose Optional encryption
  • Mark: Allow these protocols
  • Mark only: Unencrypted password (PAP)
  • Click OK



Problems after connecting

DNS settings Proxy settings Spyware

DNS settings

If you connected successfully (check your dialer) and still Internet applications do not connect, try to set DNS.
Choose your system version and follow our instructions:

Proxy settings

If you are connected successfully and you can't reach sites with your browser (The problem repeats itself especially when connected behind a router) - try to change your proxy settings according to our guides.


If your browser' behavior is abnormal: slow, "wrong links", loads partial pages, etc. You might have spyware problems.
Use our guides to install and use Spybot Search & Destroy:


Last updated: 26/10/2017